Clare Breen

- draw the group together from diverse backgrounds

- the young people would be committed to coming together throughout the year

- guided and self-directed fortnightly workshops

- a simple, opensource-minded online space

* How could we develop up a space to share and grow a community of interest and support with this age group?

* How could such a programme be beneficial to them?

- a structure that that is flexible and agile

- peer-led

- an opportunity for democratising the space

- dramatically expand the reach of the gallery

- a framework for ongoing self-reflection

-convivial and supportive environment

* Learning about and responding to the gallery's programme through
and ongoing series of workshops and talks in the gallery

*developing together, in a peer-led way, a public event for other young people

*build an online space to support this collaboration

*Allocate space in the gallery programme to listen
A pilot programme a peer-led group of

collaborators of 18 – 25 years of age

Proposed structure for first workshop:

- Welcome and Introduction

- Introduction to the gallery and its programme

- Breadfellows' Chat

Documenta and Breadfellows
Breadfellows' Chats meal